Thursday, June 09, 2005

show me the money!

roel and i are celebrating our 3rd monthsary tomorrow. three days after that, it's my mother's 62nd birthday, coinciding with our barangay fiesta. as i know both occasions would require me to shell out some bucks, i allocated for this the 1k "educational assistance" incentive we were supposed to receive, expecting i'd get it soon after it was announced in the media, after all, classes already opened. but no, guidelines for its disbursement bureaucracy-wide have yet to be prepared. so now i have to borrow. *sigh*

Monday, May 23, 2005

quitting my job 2

follow-up re: my impending resignation from my job. told my bud about it yesterday and quite hesitantly, he told me that he also wants to leave his present job. hmm.. jobless lovers? mga juding na nga, unemployed pa?! lol

short flashback: when i met my bud, he was jobless. he said i inspired him to actively look for a job and he promised me that he'll be a "better" person for me. so slightly over a month ago, he got this job through an agency (i think he's always gotten employed through an agency, always on a contractual basis) as a credit collection officer in a bank in ortigas. he seems to be adapting slowly to his job per his stories, so i can't easily think of any reason for his "premature" decision to quit. when he told me about it yesterday, i was already preparing to leave their place to go home so i wasn't in the mood to discuss and so i never really got to ask him why he intends to resign. i just told him it's actually his call. i felt that he was quite hesitant to talk to me about it since he admitted to me that he's afraid i might split up with him if he becomes jobless again. he even sent me a text last night saying that he's hoping i still love him and that i won't change. i assured him i'll still be here for him and affirmed to him my affection.

well, i'm not really going to drop him in an instant just because he realized he's not happy with his job after a month. everyone deserves multiple chances. and more importantly, if he is to get a stable, fulfilling job, it has to be primarily for himself and not out of a promise he made to me or to anybody else.

i just wish we were not facing job transitions at the same time, so that one could be the other's source of security and further motivation. *sigh* multi-layered challenges, these indeed are. but we'll pull this off, i'm confident.

Friday, May 20, 2005

quitting my job

i'm deadset: i'm aiming to get a new job within two weeks.

i'm actually supposed to celebrate my 2nd year at my present office on july 7, however, i doubt if there's still any sense in waiting for that date before i leave.

the reason why i'm leaving my job is because i believe my opportunities for personal and professional growth are better somewhere else. in the first place, i don't really see myself growing old in government service.

for my next job, i think i'd try applying to be a trainor in a call center (i've got six months call center experience), or for a job which involves both speaking and writing (perhaps next year i'll pursue teaching). my dear readers, if you know of an opening which you think would be good for me (i'm a broadcast communication graduate), your referrals are very much welcome. ;)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

jolt 45

i just realized i haven't really been a good anything -- son, brother, lover, employee, co-worker, friend. now i look back and try to reflect how i've become such a soulless monster.

all i've done was to live life the way i felt like living it, by my own rules, thinking that with freedom may come happiness.

guess one really has to share his heart fully or not share anything at all -- no in-betweens.

*sigh*. i need to be jolted.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

smashin' stress

yesterday in the office we started working on our new daily output -- an analysis of assigned issues (e.g. mining, illegal logging, among others) as reported in the various broadsheets and tabloids. it was definitely toxic with a capital t. since we're still unsure of how to go about the task and because we also had to read clippings culled from the papers' weekend issues, plus i also had to scan four issues of the phil. star (fri-mon) to check if it did report on issues we have been tasked to monitor and analyze. good thing i was able to release stress through a badminton game last night.

i played with a new acquaintance and his officemates along with their churchmates and partners at smashpoint in makati. it's been four months i think since i last played and i was hell excited about playing again. recalling last night's games, surprisingly i was able to sustain the same level of skills with which i used to play -- just average. i've really yet to learn a lot about the sport to play like an expert.

expert or no-expert, though, badminton is indeed a cool way to shed off unwanted pounds. i used to weigh 118 lbs. when i was still playing and now i'm already 130. well, now that i have found new badminton playmates, i'm looking forward to losing weight again (yahoo!)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

love moves... the "comeback" post

hey blogdom! my apologies for being a delinquent, lousy blogger. been procrastinating too much that's why i wasn't able to post sooner. guess i really have to unlearn that one thing to be able to finish a post faster and write in a more uninhibited, freeflowing style, so as to keep my blog active and interesting. a blog retouch may perhaps be in order very soon to help revive my interest in maintaining a blog, but in the meantime, this "comeback" post has to be uploaded first.

as most of my brodders already know, i now have a lover/buddy and we just celebrated our 2nd monthsary 2 days ago. we just had dinner at pizza hut in sm manila -- no monthsary sex as i don't like going to my bud's place in tondo (i only do so during weekends) because i despise the chaotic atmosphere in divisoria and roel, my bud, is currently financially challenged so we decided to forego checking in at the nearest motel (i already took charge of more than 75% of the dinner bill).

if you'll ask how i'd describe our relationship so far, i'd say everything's not been creaseless, but we've started to explore our way into each other's personalities such that we appreciate each other better and more deeply now than before.

if two people are merely physically attracted to each other, they may last for about a month, but if they stay together longer than that, that means they must have found something in the other person aside from that person's charm. so have i found something in my bud? i don't know. i'm not sure. all i know is that i'm grateful to have him in my life.

Monday, March 21, 2005

how a friend describes me

a relatively new friend, danuel, has this thing in his blog where he writes stuff about his friends. here's what he thinks about me:

1.) Friendly, smiles parati, very sweet and very caring
2.) Wala akong song for you, sorry. Pero LSS ko yung "So many tears I've crie-hied! blah blah blah, But baby, it ain't over 'till it's over!" lol. so yun nalang. :P
3.) Piolo. ;) Obvious ba? Ice_knight, si Bunsoy and you. ;) Mga Piolo groupies! lol
4.) Madrama - haha! Meant to be a positive trait. ;)

you may very well post your version, either via the comments or tagboard. ;)