Thursday, October 28, 2004

the #s (swimming party) files

"fishing" functions can only be remarkable depending on one's success in catching whoever he fancies from the "school" of assorted "fishables" available. and so for scoring a good shag at last saturday's #salsalan swimming party, i'd say the event was worth the hundred fifty bucks fee.

no, piolo wasn't there. not even meeting him i believe is worth a tag that cheap. the guy is a 32 yr-old choirmaster at a parish in calamba. he's also presently enrolled in a diploma course on music in up. he's one of the operators of #bi-laguna, another channel on irc. not the headturner type, but he's got a pleasant sounding speaking voice and more importantly, there's sense in his words.

we met on the pool. we were flirting eye-to-eye, and then he swam towards my direction. not long after we started our conversation, chilling, i just found myself hugging him right at the pool, with only two other people there with us.

i wasn't actually planning to swim because i know the night breeze would make me chill. i just happened to see that this sexy guy, whom i noticed earlier before dipping in the pool, was also going to swim, in trunks! my companions -- kugel, carlo and leo -- were also planning to take a dive, so i decided to join them, for me to get closer to mr. sexy guy.

somehow, my powers were not enough to charm mr. sexy guy, and kugel later told me that mr. sexy guy was eyeing the companion of someone who looks like ajman. [mr. sexy guy, by the way, is the companion of the guy whom kugel locked lips with that night. carlo and i even "cheered" for kugel while watching him and his "catch" kissing. ;)]

back to my own "catch" that night, i ended up sleeping with him at their place in calamba. we've been exchanging texts daily since the party. and this friday night, i'm seeing him again.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

someday we'll know

i'm trying to add a tag board, and just like everytime i modify something here, like when i put up the links portion at the sidebar or when i need to edit a post, the "altered" version wouldn't show up until kingdom come. usually i only get to see the modifications done the next day. i don't know if it's just the office pc coz i haven't tried tinkering with my blog at the cafe. i'm actually quite anxious to see if merely copying and hastily pasting the html code for putting the tag board would work. well, i'm just not in the mood now to absorb diligently the details of how to go about putting tag boards. i have my blogger odder friends to ask anyway if my hit-and-miss experiments on my blog fail. or perhaps, next time i might be in a frame more "hospitable" to new things to learn. we'll find out. ;)


though officially i am a minute late based on my time card, i arrived in the office today much earlier than i have been arriving for weeks now. must be the colder mornings and the less time i spent for rest during weekends, i reckon, that's why i find it difficult to get up early for work.

anyway, today i was able to finish my routine output way before lunchtime, scanned the online versions of the inquirer and the star to update myself on events and checked some of the odders' blogs, things which when i'm awfully tardy i am hardly able to accomplish all. i also got to read wilfredo pascual jr.'s "devotion", the essay which won first prize in this year's palanca. quite a stimulating read, i must note.


i've been getting considerably positive remarks about my "reporting stint" for nbn's public affairs show, "talk ko 'to". my aunt's officemates forwarded text read "sulit daw ang pagpapa-adal sa akin" (my having been sent to school was all worth it). my aunt wasn't able to watch as she's in sorsogon for work-related travel, where she claims nbn cannot be seen. officemates are saying i'm already "network material", which makes me ponder about working again in the media.

i've told my mother to watch but i haven't heard words from her since the program aired as she was already sleeping when i arrived last night and i was still dozing off when she left this morning. i surely am most telegenic for her. ;)

Friday, October 08, 2004

corrupt me not

while i'm typing this here in my desk, no less than makati business club's guilllermo luz, the ombudsman, and hong kong's anti-corruption czar are next door for a forum to talk about what the government has been widely infamous for -- corruption. i was interested to attend except that i had to start working on my regular monday output to finish it earlier as i have an exam and an interview on monday afternoon for a free course on the mandarin language scheduled for january next year in which i am trying to enroll (phew!). it could have been a good opportunity to get additional info and at the same time reflect on that which has unfortunately tainted the institution i work for. tsk tsk.

Friday, October 01, 2004

austerity chenes

yesterday, unlike what had been the practice in previous internal functions i've attended, snacks were not served during the closing ceremony of an in-house training in which i participated.

the day prior to that, specific office guidelines for cost-cutting were routed for the employees' comments/suggestions.

there's no second-guessing it. though there's actually no way we'd be spared, the president's directive for a continued adoption of austerity measures in the government has indeed hit town, for real.

speaking for myself and based on what i've heard around, most, if not all, of what's stipulated in the guidelines are generally "swallowable", although still i personally believe it would have been professionably healthy if the outside trainings as well as the team building per diem and the snacks were retained.

purchase of additional vehicles are prohibited -- uhmm..yeah, it's already pretty uncomfortable taking the service van to and from the office, what with it being full most of the time, but hell, with the recent (and let's pray that another one won't be upcoming) fare hike, we don't have any other choice but to make do with what's provided.

holding of sportsfests is likewise no longer allowable -- good thing we got to hold ours before ao 103 took effect.

just don't they dare tinker with the christmas benefits, or delay our salaries. hell hath no fury than state workers uncompensated.