Sunday, November 21, 2004

seizure stories

it's a cold sunday night, a sleep away before another work week starts, and for some reasons, i've yet to feel sleepy. dropped by the net shop near our house to try composing this blog entry. just came from visiting nathan at the hospital. friday night he suddenly had a seizure while having dinner in megamall. was part of the emergency scenario as i and my other friends (sonny, nathan's partner; jio and his partner, patrick) rushed him to medical city via patrick's car. quite a comprehensive account of it has been posted in our group's yahoo site. being a well-loved friend that nathan is, (in fact, told him before that he's the most loved guy in our group) reactions to what happened to him were expectedly emotional. fortunately, he's ok now and already due for release tomorrow morning.

three months ago (i remember now, it was on aug. 20, a week after my bday, while friday night was nov. 19), i was rushed to east avenue medical center when i suddenly collapsed while inside quattro in timog. i was likewise said to have had a seizure according to my friends who took me to the hospital. unlike nathan though, i spent less than four hours in the hospital. when i regained consciousness i believe around three hours after i was brought there, with a dextrose and in the emergency area, i was able to convince the nurse (i was told i had to spend 24 hours in the hospital, which i didn't think was necessary, plus i didn't want the folks in the house to panic) and my friends that i was already ok and can be released. i didn't have to undergo any test at all. probably mine was just a case of being too drunk. well, i haven't had any seizures or any weird ache since then.

in four months, two roughly similar newsmaking cases within the group, with once the patient now the visiting pal. they say i started the "trend". haha. kidding aside, seeing your friends at least checking on you after such situations is indeed a touching experience. having someone special beside you during those times definitely heavenly. *sigh*

here's wishing no more odder news of such nature ever. just our ties founded on brotherhood, fun and, ehem, world peace, maturing and growing as fabulous in 2005 and beyond. (happy new year!? hehe!) also, that i finally have a buddy! (oh when shall i find my harry? lol)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

pecuniary matters

with prices rising left and right, and the holidays fast approaching our doorsteps, receiving monetary incentives at work surely is a most welcome treat.

last month as well as last week, as a regular practice i believe in most government agencies, we were given the option to have our leave credits monetized -- meaning, exchanged for money. you see, every year, we can go on a paid 15-day sick leave and a 15-day vacation leave. if an employee has not exhausted them yet by year-end, he/she can opt to request for its monetization. i availed of both opportunities so as to be able to pay for my cellphone bill and credit card dues. from what was left i was also able to purchase two shirts, regine's latest cd (so far, i've only listened to four tracks, those i've seen regine sing on sop -- minsan lang kita iibigin, say that you love me, forevermore, and ikaw ang lahat sa akin) and afford joining contingents.

this friday, we're expecting to receive our thirteenth month pay, or half of it to be exact, since the other half was already given last may (what's termed as mid-year bonus). i'm planning to buy myself a cheap discman (yes it is, a discman in the age of mp3 players, hehe)from quiapo and perhaps start real shopping for christmas gifts. i also wish to get a copy of south border's cd (sidenote: the video of their latest single, "wherever you are", moved me to tears).