Friday, December 10, 2004

at the mall

after having to stay in the office way after six wednesday night to finish an unusual writing assignment for the unit, i vowed to indulge myself in a little pampering last night.

as usual, per proximity considerations, i decided to go to sm manila. dropped by the bank first to pay for my credit card bill then checked out penshoppe to look for a possible christmas party getup. unsuccessful in finding something that catches my fancy, i went next to oxygen. there i got myself a dark brown shirt with sketches of a woman and a red design with chinese characters, discounted by 15% courtesy of my gentxt card (yahoo!).

before heading to the mall, i was actually thinking whether to have a haircut and a hair treatment plus extra massage at the barber shop or to get a facial (as i'm already bothered seeing blackheads on my nose every morning when i look in the mirror). but since the barber shop was closed for the staff's christmas party, i didn't have a dilemma.

around more than a year ago, i remember going to let's face it at megamall with my officemates from the call center i used to work for. we used to go there before lunch just after our shift. i can't forget how often the attendants assigned to me had to wipe tears from my eyes as she pricks the blackheads on my nose. man, the feeling is such that i'm thinking that my face might already be bleeding the way their pointed tools touch my skin.

well, that's part of the price of being vain, aside from its monetary price. the facial last night cost me 330 bucks. and it's not a bit less painful.