Monday, February 28, 2005


finally, i'm back to blogdom. we've been on overtime work three days straight after i arrived from the travel that's why i wasn't able to update; i can't post if not from my office pc (because of the more conducive environment/atmosphere) thus i'm writing this only now.

the benguet mining adventure has been physically draining indeed yet a much welcome experience nevertheless. we went underground twice, in the 2 mining operations sites -- philex and balatoc -- in the company of sweating, muscled miners (because of these creatures plus some "charming" security guards, i swear i can survive in the minesite! lol!). they let us hear blasting and demonstrated to us their methods. we also got to get the pulse of some of the people in the mining communities.

aside from the serious aspect of our trip, of course the side "perks" have to be appreciated -- the fresh air and the beautiful scenery, the delightful meals and dining at the country club courtesy of our hosts, and the free booze (hehe!). oh well, i would have included having sex with a girl courtesy of my boss' "drinking buddy" in baguio, but then again, i consider it more as a "challenge" than a perk -- a challenge i almost dared to take if only for me to know how that feels. lol. the girls (there were three), according to my boss (who i suspect to be bisexual, with his self-incriminating occasional gestures and being separated from his wife), were nursing students, and could claim so with how they looked -- not the pick-up type. but still i felt awkward, so i just smiled to my boss and went back to the restaurant. i later phoned tripnautic and told him i should have just went with my boss and the girls so that i didn't have to be haunted by how that experience might have went. haha.

we were actually supposed to visit three mining sites that weekend but we ran out of time and so it was suggested to us that we just go to our third destination -- lepanto, which was 3 hours away from baguio city by land -- on thursday so that we could use lepanto's plane. we agreed to the idea so we were back in manila by monday morning.

my first flight thus happened to be on an 8-seater plane (i'll post the pics which were taken courtesy of my officemate's phone), around 7 a.m., feb. 24, 2005. taking off and landing are indeed the uneasy parts in flying, include in that those moments when the plane is occasionally jerked by the wind. but surely it slightly helps having a cute co-pilot aboard the plane with you. haha. next aircraft i'd have to take i wish is a much bigger one, and bound for abroad.

the mine visits were definitely quite an experience -- composed of several personal firsts. for those i won't ever forget working in my present office. and i'd convince my friends to be pro-mining. lol.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

work-related weekend travel

i'm scheduled to leave for benguet tomorrow noon together with some people from our office (all suspectedly bent except one, albeit non-karirables *lol*) to learn firsthand about how a certain mining operation there has been adopting sound practices ensuring environmental protection and addressing social concerns. (you see, the government is currently pushing for the development of the mining industry, and our office head happens to be one of the key officials overseeing this endeavor. being a member of the office's writers' pool, i, in turn, happened to be part of the team tasked by the head to prepare a primer intended to tackle government efforts to address issues concerning mining. relevant information to be gathered out of our trip is targeted for inclusion in the primer.) we'll be staying there until sunday.

well, this travel entails having to forego partying out as well as resting this particular weekend. but then, i may not be able to have this chance of experiencing the place ever again, never mind if this time it has to be work for the most part. i have had and still would have other saturdays anyway to party all i want, i'd better take this opportunity.

Friday, February 11, 2005

"dreamboy" on a nightmarish night

i guess it all started with my sincere desire to treat someone with a free starbucks drink using my chinese new year "bounce-back" certificate (as the crew calls it) which i got with the coffee store's 2005 planner. the certificate entitles one to get an equally- or less-priced drink for free upon buying a drink on the date written on it, in this case feb. 9, which turns out to be also the opening day of piolo's movie, "dreamboy". so, i thought, why not drag a friend to watch the film with me and treat him (pwede ring her sana kaya lang wala akong fag hag ngayon e) with a free starbucks drink, sponsor his ticket even (well, honestly, i can't think of a co-piolo fan to invite that night, thus, the probable need to do this)?

i began scanning my phonebook since tuesday night to select possible people to invite but it was only on wednesday morning when i finally was able to find one who was agreeable with the idea -- a bed partner (read: a semi-constant companion in that queer club in malate) who was a fling of another co-blogger friend and who seems to be obsessed with alcohol.

since i was coming from my mandarin class at the dfa bldg. along roxas blvd near buendia wednesday night, i decided to see the film at the nearest mall, which happens to be glorietta. when i checked for the screening schedule at though, that of greenbelt 3 was the most convenient, so it was where i reserved two tickets online, never mind the ticket cost (o, di ba sosi? hehe).

i was expecting that our instructor would dismiss us early that night, but she even went overtime so i had to take the taxi just so i could confirm my reservation, which had to be done around 30 mins. before the screening time. fortunately, the traffic wasn't that horrendous -- the film was to start at 8:55, i was at the ticket counter around 8:25. i texted my friend the screening time earlier in the afternoon, but while still in class at around 7, i already couldn't reach his number, so at around quarter to nine while ordering my drinks at starbucks greenbelt, i was already calling people who might be near makati at that time so the ticket and the drink wouldn't be wasted just in case my friend would not show up at all. they, unfortunately, were already home. i just asked the people at starbucks if i could just claim my other drink later and they said that was ok but they have to prepare it already and they'd just put it in their ref. no choice.

after fifteen minutes inside a half-filled theater (i just caught this morning how gma brags its box-office edge, per interviews with some theater managers, with its "let the love begin", and suddenly, i felt depressed and was motivated to promote "dreamboy" among my friends. lol), there still was no text from my supposed companion, the cellphone of an old woman seated to my left rings, and a jologs girl (mukhang saleslady) three seats to my right is starting to behave annoyingly with her loud, senseless remarks.

more than an hour later, the twist in the film's plot was already revealed, and i still had the unused ticket in my left breast pocket. i also was coughing (hard enough that i never claimed my 2nd frappe anymore) and badly needed to urinate (but didn't because the cr was far and i didn't want to miss the film's ending), both because of the iced mocha frappe, and the palengkerang "saleslady", sadly, was still alive. i might really have to watch the film again for me to appreciate piolo on a less-stressful night.

(obviously, this post isn't intended to be a review of "dreamboy", but for those whose curiousity has been stirred, you can access butch francisco's take on the film here. or clickthecity's review here. personally, it's recommendable. among the three characters piolo had to play in the movie, i like "jaime" the most.)

p.s. oh, back to my "nightmarish" night, while i was waiting for a bus ride home along edsa, it rained. heck, except for experiencing piolo on the big screen, i really wish it was all just a dream.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

chinese zodiac horoscope

xin nian kuai le, everyone! happy chinese new year (or happy spring festival, to be strictly chinese about what is being celebrated)!

a little sharing of what i have learned so far: xin in that greeting literally means new, and to be pronounced as /sin/ with a tone identical to the la note in the do-re-mi scale; nian means year and pronounced with a tone as if you're asking in doubt; kuai le means happy and pronounced with a normal speaking tone, with just more energy. there. do correct me if i erred somewhere.

going to this post's intended subject, i decided, in the spirit of the celebration and out of curiousity, to take note of my chinese horoscope for 2005 (i'm an '81 kid so that makes me a rooster baby, metal rooster to be specific) according to three different sources from the internet. i'm including a link of the page so the readers can also check what they say about their signs.

first, from philstar, which was also taken from the magazine citylife,

roosters are intelligent but have wild personalities. unless you want to ruin your good luck this year, you must curb your unpredictability and careless decisions. roosters who talk a lot in their jobs such as lawyers, salespersons and insurance agents will have good luck this year. resist taking new risks; it’s time to consolidate what you have and stay put.

intelligent, na check. hehe. wild, uhmm...slight lang. i don't think i am unpredictable, though sometimes i have the tendency to be careless, with my decisions. i don't talk much at work, so that part's n/a. new risks = contemplating about a career shift? stay put? very much applicable.

next, from the manila times, courtesy of the hong kong tourism board,

you’re extrovert, entertaining, intelligent, organized and honest, but at times you can be proud, showy, bossy, obstinate, insufferably egocentric and blunt to the point of rudeness. so while there are rarely dull moments when you’re around, tumult and discord are never far from the surface.

much the same goes for your year, so beware of expending much-needed energy — and money — chasing your tail feathers in wild and untried schemes. instead, immerse yourself in proven enterprises where your talent for hard work, order and efficiency excel.

this can be a hugely rewarding year in the workplace, with promotion a distinct possibility — though with money in your pocket, you’ll need to manage finances carefully and restrain the impulse to splash out on luxuries. personal relationships should flourish, so long as you keep an open and inquiring mind — and your tendency toward cockiness firmly in check.

intelligent ulit, hehe. i wish i was organized. i am neither confirming nor denying the not-so-positive traits mentioned. again, "immerse yourself in proven enterprises" -- let's see. well, i have been already promoted, and managing my finances carefully is one area i really need to work on. personal relationships = open mind + controlling cockiness tendencies...i don't think i tend to be cocky, am i?

last, from an astrology website,


the rooster can expect some conjugal or family challenges this year. to come out well, take the bull by the horns and solve these situations with lucidity and aggressiveness, instead of burying your head in the sand. remember that nobody can solve problems by fleeing or by pretending that they don't exist. it is all a question of courage. 'it's not because things are difficult that we dare not, it's because we dare not that things are difficult,' as seneca wrote. even though a solution may not immediately show itself, an optimistic, philosophical attitude could soften the cutting edge of any obstacles.

hopefully, the "family challenges" won't happen. i am crossing my fingers.

metal rooster

your self-confidence will prove to be your best ally. the stars will favor your professional success by allowing you to profit from superb opportunities. heartwise, you'll have every reason to rejoice. harmony will reign in your couple and, if you're free, you could very well meet your great love this year.

self-confidence, professional success, profit, great love = yahoo!

romantic horoscope (first quarter)

if your heart is still free, be ready to go to paradise. you'll succeed in knocking down the defenses of the person you desire. you'll live a great romantic love. in short, you'll have the marvelous impression that your amorous dreams have finally come true. if you live as a couple, the unexpected will replace monotony. you'll have very stimulating relationships with your mate. of course, the debates will sometimes be heated, but neither you nor your mate will think of complaining about it, for at least there'll be excitement in your common life.

paradise!!! great romantic love!!! sana nga magkatotoo to!

Thursday, February 03, 2005


we are now required to wear rp flag pins on our prescribed office attire. sheesh, i feel like one of the anchors in tv patrol world. suddenly i have this urge to sing bamboo's hit. or jamie rivera's "heal our land". or like buy hapee toothpaste, "proud to be pinoy", instead of colgate or close-up. whatever. :D

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

bench the popular

unexpectedly, i got the highest score in our first graded exercise in our mandarin class. our teacher announced it yesterday in class before our first exam, and so i got applause from my classmates. it was unexpected because eventhough i do make it a point to comprehend what was in the lessons, it was not really consciously aimed at wanting to be the "highest achiever" in class. nevertheless, albeit distinctively being the guy who is oddly-dressed among the male program participants, with most of them either in their usual dress shirts or barongs and me one time in unbuttoned pink checkered shirt and jeans (that is, until yesterday, when i decided to come to office in my cream-colored checkered shirt), i feel being suddenly popular among my classmates because of the unexpected "achievement". can't help but smile.

speaking of popularity, someone in the office (i'm not certain who) nominated me last week as candidate for a seat in the board of our employees association. since i'm not so much into office politics and also because i'm currently entertaining thoughts about a career shift, i declined the nomination, but not after the initial list of nominees was already posted at the bulletin boards.

nine seats were at stake and 12 ran. an office "veteran" emerged as topnotcher while someone who belongs to the "younger" part of the office population (a public administration alumnus from upd and a batchmate) came in 2nd. i wonder how i could have fared had i decided to run. me who sometimes is still unfamiliar with those i ride with in the elevator day in and day out, and doesn't care to know their names at all. haha. i could have came in 8th, in my humblest opinion. lol.