Monday, March 21, 2005

how a friend describes me

a relatively new friend, danuel, has this thing in his blog where he writes stuff about his friends. here's what he thinks about me:

1.) Friendly, smiles parati, very sweet and very caring
2.) Wala akong song for you, sorry. Pero LSS ko yung "So many tears I've crie-hied! blah blah blah, But baby, it ain't over 'till it's over!" lol. so yun nalang. :P
3.) Piolo. ;) Obvious ba? Ice_knight, si Bunsoy and you. ;) Mga Piolo groupies! lol
4.) Madrama - haha! Meant to be a positive trait. ;)

you may very well post your version, either via the comments or tagboard. ;)

Monday, March 14, 2005


You Are Pretty Logical

(You got 63% of the questions right)

You're a bit of a wizard when it comes to logic
While you don't have perfect logic, you logic is pretty darn good
Keep at it - you've got a lot of natural talent in this area!

How Logical Are You?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

weight conscious

i was kind of alarmed last saturday while i was dressing up for a night-out with friends when i couldn't button my faded black jeans because of my belly, which is again starting to get big. the jeans actually used not to fit me already before, i was just able to wear it a year ago after cutting down on my rice intake and taking some cardio sessions at the gym and playing badminton occasionally. and now, because i haven't been to the gym for months and my badminton partner always begs off whenever i try to set a game, this. i decided i have to take action.

so i went to the gym last monday for a body jam session and texted my badminton partner to schedule a game with him the soonest. i found out that i have gained eight pounds -- from 121 to 129, in approximately two months. i'd know i'm ok when the jeans'd fit well again. i hope that doesn't take too long.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

faces & stories @ "bed"

i don't know how to describe it -- that night i had at bed last edsa 1 anniversary eve, when i got to hear three different stories about three familiar people and i got to bump into certain people who are in ways differently familiar. i can't recall anymore though which happened first, but i highly doubt if we have to be particular about sequencing here.

so the first story is about this friend-frequent bed partner of mine (yes, the one i was supposed to see "dreamboy" with). he came with his co-worker and a friend that night. i found out that his co-worker has been persistently courting my friend. co-worker seems ok, i've met him before when my friend brought him to the club, but i guess my friend just doesn't see a buddy material in him, turning him down several times. thing is, he appears to be madly in love with my friend. and that night, friend got fed up with him (he was "feeling girlfriend", as my friend texted me) and walked out. well, poor creature that co-worker/suitor of my friend is.

next, before my friend abruptly left, he told me about the predicament of a common friend who was also inside the club that night. he said that the guy has been diagnosed to have brain tumor(s). i confirmed it with the guy, and he said it's not that serious and still can be cured with medication. he requested that it be kept for the moment from our other friends. i agreed. i'd include him in my prayers.

then, i spotted from among the crowd this ex of another friend. his is a typical story of a plu affair, i must say. he was supposed to meet his pseudo-buddy (whom i have also met before) that night so that they'd be together during the first few hours of the guy's birthday. but he caught the guy meeting up with another guy so he just decided to go to bed. about an hour or two after we first talked, he told me the guy has called up to say sorry, and since he loves the guy he accepted his apology. around 5 am, he says he has decided not to take the guy seriously anymore after what happened. talk about the interplay of ego and emotions in affairs of the heart.

then again, i saw dancing gayly on the floor this classmate of mine in mandarin named mark. when i approached him, he exclaimed, "i never thought you were gay!", to which i just had to smile. during that time, i was eyeing this boy who was standing at the stage in front of the ledge. i noticed that mark seems to know the boy, so i confirmed it with him. mark then offered to tell the boy that i like him. i tried to stop him, but too late. i found out that the boy was single, but..ouch..not interested. better luck next time.

and then i bumped into this girl who was my batchmate in college. she was with her co-workers from abs-cbn. she doesn't know about my orientation yet -- only three from college know, i believe -- but she might have a giveaway clue after that night. lol. on the other hand, she never caught me smooching with a guy. but do you think that makes a guy inside a gay place straight? duh. haller?

last but definitely you-know-what-follows, i also got to meet two averagely cute guys before the sun rose. they were pals who resemble two of my pals. chris looks like a combination of bruder_john and daniel while julius is also short and sporting a semi-kal hairdo like garppp. both are cebuanos. chris seems to be the more outgoing type while julius the timid, mysterious one. unfortunately, i've yet to convince one of them to go out with me on a date. haha. chris is kinda pushing me for julius but i kinda like chris more. phew! can't it get any less complicated next time?