Thursday, March 10, 2005

weight conscious

i was kind of alarmed last saturday while i was dressing up for a night-out with friends when i couldn't button my faded black jeans because of my belly, which is again starting to get big. the jeans actually used not to fit me already before, i was just able to wear it a year ago after cutting down on my rice intake and taking some cardio sessions at the gym and playing badminton occasionally. and now, because i haven't been to the gym for months and my badminton partner always begs off whenever i try to set a game, this. i decided i have to take action.

so i went to the gym last monday for a body jam session and texted my badminton partner to schedule a game with him the soonest. i found out that i have gained eight pounds -- from 121 to 129, in approximately two months. i'd know i'm ok when the jeans'd fit well again. i hope that doesn't take too long.


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