Thursday, May 12, 2005

love moves... the "comeback" post

hey blogdom! my apologies for being a delinquent, lousy blogger. been procrastinating too much that's why i wasn't able to post sooner. guess i really have to unlearn that one thing to be able to finish a post faster and write in a more uninhibited, freeflowing style, so as to keep my blog active and interesting. a blog retouch may perhaps be in order very soon to help revive my interest in maintaining a blog, but in the meantime, this "comeback" post has to be uploaded first.

as most of my brodders already know, i now have a lover/buddy and we just celebrated our 2nd monthsary 2 days ago. we just had dinner at pizza hut in sm manila -- no monthsary sex as i don't like going to my bud's place in tondo (i only do so during weekends) because i despise the chaotic atmosphere in divisoria and roel, my bud, is currently financially challenged so we decided to forego checking in at the nearest motel (i already took charge of more than 75% of the dinner bill).

if you'll ask how i'd describe our relationship so far, i'd say everything's not been creaseless, but we've started to explore our way into each other's personalities such that we appreciate each other better and more deeply now than before.

if two people are merely physically attracted to each other, they may last for about a month, but if they stay together longer than that, that means they must have found something in the other person aside from that person's charm. so have i found something in my bud? i don't know. i'm not sure. all i know is that i'm grateful to have him in my life.


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