Monday, May 23, 2005

quitting my job 2

follow-up re: my impending resignation from my job. told my bud about it yesterday and quite hesitantly, he told me that he also wants to leave his present job. hmm.. jobless lovers? mga juding na nga, unemployed pa?! lol

short flashback: when i met my bud, he was jobless. he said i inspired him to actively look for a job and he promised me that he'll be a "better" person for me. so slightly over a month ago, he got this job through an agency (i think he's always gotten employed through an agency, always on a contractual basis) as a credit collection officer in a bank in ortigas. he seems to be adapting slowly to his job per his stories, so i can't easily think of any reason for his "premature" decision to quit. when he told me about it yesterday, i was already preparing to leave their place to go home so i wasn't in the mood to discuss and so i never really got to ask him why he intends to resign. i just told him it's actually his call. i felt that he was quite hesitant to talk to me about it since he admitted to me that he's afraid i might split up with him if he becomes jobless again. he even sent me a text last night saying that he's hoping i still love him and that i won't change. i assured him i'll still be here for him and affirmed to him my affection.

well, i'm not really going to drop him in an instant just because he realized he's not happy with his job after a month. everyone deserves multiple chances. and more importantly, if he is to get a stable, fulfilling job, it has to be primarily for himself and not out of a promise he made to me or to anybody else.

i just wish we were not facing job transitions at the same time, so that one could be the other's source of security and further motivation. *sigh* multi-layered challenges, these indeed are. but we'll pull this off, i'm confident.


At 2:22 PM, Blogger BERNADETTE said...

wow. touching! family matters na itu!

well. wish you guys all the luck then!

At 2:56 PM, Blogger bench said...

uy, mare, salamat. thanks for dropping my humble blog. linked u up. hope u can link me as well. keep in touch. ;)


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