Friday, May 20, 2005

quitting my job

i'm deadset: i'm aiming to get a new job within two weeks.

i'm actually supposed to celebrate my 2nd year at my present office on july 7, however, i doubt if there's still any sense in waiting for that date before i leave.

the reason why i'm leaving my job is because i believe my opportunities for personal and professional growth are better somewhere else. in the first place, i don't really see myself growing old in government service.

for my next job, i think i'd try applying to be a trainor in a call center (i've got six months call center experience), or for a job which involves both speaking and writing (perhaps next year i'll pursue teaching). my dear readers, if you know of an opening which you think would be good for me (i'm a broadcast communication graduate), your referrals are very much welcome. ;)


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