Tuesday, May 17, 2005

smashin' stress

yesterday in the office we started working on our new daily output -- an analysis of assigned issues (e.g. mining, illegal logging, among others) as reported in the various broadsheets and tabloids. it was definitely toxic with a capital t. since we're still unsure of how to go about the task and because we also had to read clippings culled from the papers' weekend issues, plus i also had to scan four issues of the phil. star (fri-mon) to check if it did report on issues we have been tasked to monitor and analyze. good thing i was able to release stress through a badminton game last night.

i played with a new acquaintance and his officemates along with their churchmates and partners at smashpoint in makati. it's been four months i think since i last played and i was hell excited about playing again. recalling last night's games, surprisingly i was able to sustain the same level of skills with which i used to play -- just average. i've really yet to learn a lot about the sport to play like an expert.

expert or no-expert, though, badminton is indeed a cool way to shed off unwanted pounds. i used to weigh 118 lbs. when i was still playing and now i'm already 130. well, now that i have found new badminton playmates, i'm looking forward to losing weight again (yahoo!)


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